Thornton, CO

Thornton Deck Repair

Like any other structure in your outdoor space, residential decks are susceptible to adverse weather and harsh climate. That’s why it’s so important to call for Deck Repair Service in Thornton, CO. At Thornton Deck Builders, we pride ourselves on quality deck repair designed to restore your decking to its original state. We understand that every deck calls for a specialized repair and replacement service. We dedicate ourselves to the specific needs of your deck to ensure it’s structurally sound and aesthetically appealing.

Deck repair in Thornton, CO.

When you notice that the furnishing of your deck is losing its initial sparkle and glow, it is a sign it is getting old or somewhat compromised by weather. If you neglect to call for deck repair, you will soon notice the boards falling apart and sliding out of place.

How will I know when my deck needs repair?

There are many changes you may see occurring to your deck. There might be splits or holes appearing in the wood, screws becoming loose from weathering alone, water damage, or rusting nails.

The wood may be starting to peel away from the deck and is becoming dull in color. There might also be areas where water collects due to a leaky gutter, which could lead to rot over time and rusty metal screws that are corroding through your boards.

At Thornton Deck Builders, we are the right team to call for deck repair service in Thornton, CO. With our services, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we will restore your deck to its original state. Our repair service includes;

Deck Board Replacement and Restaining.

If you notice a few boards on your deck falling off, are broken, or rotten, we can replace them with new ones that are guaranteed to last. We recommend deck restaining service when the decks need a fresh coat of paint and some stain maintenance.

Deck cleaning in Thornton, CO.

Deck cleaning is another service that gives your deck a new look and ensures it is free of any stains, dirt, and debris. Pressure washing on sidewalks and patios will restore these structures to their original condition after being neglected for months. We want you to enjoy the outdoor space in your home without worrying about dirt or debris.

Power Washing.

Part of our deck restoration service includes power washing. This will remove all the dirt, grime, moss, and algae from your deck to give it a new-looking appearance like when it was first installed. Deck power washing is effective when you have pet waste contamination on the surface of your deck. Power washing is often required for effective results as well.

Deck Sealing in Thornton, CO.

We provide deck sealing, which helps to protect the wood from fading and exposure to water damage. Our sealant products are eco-friendly and will not harm your plants or pets in your yard. We use only the best quality materials for all of our projects so that you can be assured it will stand up against adverse weather.

Why choose us for deck repair in Thornton, CO.

We guarantee customer satisfaction from start to finish by maintaining high-quality deck repair service. We also offer competitive and affordable pricing. Contact us today at 720-734-7444 for professional deck repair service in Thornton, CO.