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Arbors and pergolas are a great addition to any home. Not only do they provide shade, but these structures also create an elegant focal point in the yard. With great creativity, arbors and pergolas can be used for weddings, parties, or just as a relaxing place to read under and escape from the Colorado sun. If you fancy these structures in your front yard or backyard, do not hesitate to call us at 720-734-7444 for design, construction, and creative customizations. Our team is the right fit for professional arbor and pergola service in Thornton, CO.

Why do I need arbors and pergolas in my home?

Pergolas and arbors have many benefits in a residential setting. They provide additional space to relax outdoors, they help you navigate through your yard or garden with ease, and they also act as beautiful extensions from the inside of your house. Our team will work diligently on designing pergolas and arbors that are highly functional for any home. Give us a call today at 720-734-7444 for professional arbors and pergola service in Thornton, CO. 

Pergolas and Arbors help to create a truly unique showpiece in your yard or garden. These structures allow you more outdoor living space covered by sheltering leaves that shade out harsh elements like too much sun, rain, windy weather, and even insects while allowing natural light to pour through them.

You may use the structures for many different purposes, such as socializing with friends or family, unlike watching movies indoors. Not only do these great garden structures provide a space to gather, but they can also be used as outdoor dining areas or simply an area to enjoy your favorite television show.

How to design the best residential pergolas and arbors?

The first step is to gather the necessary information. This includes the functionality of the pergolas and arbors as well as any personal preferences, such as size or color. Once we know your needs, our team will take care of everything else for designing the best residential pergola and arbor.

What types of materials do Thornton Deck Builders offer?

Thornton Deck Builders offers several different types of materials for building new pergolas or repairing old ones. The most popular options are wood framing systems that include Western Red Cedar or a combination of softwood with redwoods depending on your budget and preference. We can even create custom designs.

Why are arbors and pergolas ideal for certain styles of homes?

Pergolas and Arbors are perfect for anyone who desires to create a more intimate sense of living in their garden while maintaining privacy at the same time. They are ideal for custom designs that will match any style you like whether it is contemporary, traditional, or something else entirely.

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With personalized service from Thornton Deck Builders, we have all the knowledge and experience needed to help design and construct anything you want. We are affordable and have the best rates for quality arbors and pergola design and construction. Give us a call today at 720-734-7444 for the professional construction of arbors and pergolas in your home.