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In need of a local deck contractor in Thornton, CO? We have the perfect solution for you. Thornton Deck Builders provides quality residential deck services. With years of industry experience, our team is committed to providing homeowners with professional decking artistry and top-quality products. Whether you’re looking for a simple small backyard deck or an elaborate custom design, we can help! Give us a call today at 720-734-7444 for a free quote and service estimate for our residential deck services.

Thornton Composite Deck Installation

If you’re looking for the pros and cons composite deck installation compared to wood, then look at these below:


  • Lower maintenance than wood decks
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Recycled materials
  • Composite decking is evolving into better quality


  • Higher price compared to wood, usually
  • Not like natural like wood
  • Composite is not completely maintenance free
  • Have to do more price shopping for composite decking

Residential decking in Thornton, CO.

There are various ways to transform your back yard and front yard with decks. If you are looking to create a custom design, do not hesitate to call us for residential decking in Thornton, CO. We will come up with great ways to transform your outdoor space into the perfect entertaining area, including but not limited to;

Single-level residential deck installation.

A single-level deck is a great place to start when you’re considering adding a deck. A good deck will add more living or entertaining space for your family and give you an additional outdoor exit from inside. Besides, it is the perfect way to make use of your space without all the complexities that come with designing and building multi-level decks.

Decks can also be designed with built-in benches, stairways with railings on both sides of the stairs leading up one level or down another level. You may also customize your residential decks with lighting fixtures attached directly to the structure. The result is a beautiful outdoor space that everyone in your household would love.

Multi-level residential deck design and construction.

We are the right team to call for multi-level residential deck installations with stairs, railings, spindles, and balusters. These are some of the best types of decking for any home in Thornton, CO. Our experience and industry expertise comes in handy when customizing and designing your new deck to meet all of the specifications you have in mind.

Double-level residential deck construction is a great investment for any family. It can be customized with features such as railing on both sides of stairs leading up one level or down another level, staircases connecting various levels, even lighting fixtures attached directly onto the railing for safety at night.

Custom residential decking in Thornton, CO.

We specialize in custom designs and will take every detail into account to create your dream deck project unique, durable, well-built, and beautiful. Thornton Deck Builders has the knowledge and know-how needed to provide a residential deck service like no other. Professional deck service tailored specifically to fit your needs.

Call us for a free quote on residential deck service.

The first step before beginning any project is getting a quote and estimate of the entire project. At Thornton Deck Builders, we do not cut corners when providing any of our services. If you are looking for ethical, reliable, and affordable deck builders in Thornton, CO, look no further.

Call us at 720-734-7444 for a free quote and estimate on any of our residential decking services.